Youth of the Year

Youth of the Year is Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s premier recognition program. It is our signature effort to foster a new generation of leaders, fully prepared to live and lead in a diverse, global and integrated world economy.

Tireanna Medlock

Hello! My name is Tireanna Medlock and I am currently a senior at Brunswick High School. My plan is to further my education by attending either Georgia State University or Georgia Southern so I can become a pediatrician and assist children in need of medical attention. I chose this profession not only because I want to help children in my community, but I once had to have surgery as a child.  more

Alex Brenes-Pimentel

Most people see the Boys & Girls Club as a childcare center, after school program, etc., but I see it as a learning center that has enhanced my learning capability and enriched my sportsmanship. You see, my journey began four years ago when my mother and I moved to Brunswick. more

Avery Stevens

What I think the Boys & Girls Club means to me is freedom. The Boys & Girls Club gives you many opportunities to make choices on your own. It gives you the chance to try different activities and a variety of different things you can do. The Boys & Girls Club lets the students bond with others and also bond with the staff that work there. The Boys & Girls Club also makes me think about how well run it is. more

Terique Pinkney

The Boys & Girls Club has changed my life and the lives of others that have attended here. Before I came to the Club, I was really shy. For example, I used to sit in the back of the class and would never ready out loud or stand in front of the class to give presentations. more

K'Lyn Atkinson

Hello, my name is K'Lyn Atkinson. I am 10 years old, in the 5th grade and I attend Saint Simons Elementary School. My favorite subject is writing because it helps me express my feelings on paper than out loud. more

Amiracle Davis

My name is Miracle Davis. I am a 5th grader at Burroughs-Molette Elementary School. I am now 11 years old. My favorite subjects are math and social studies. more