Tireanna Medlock

Hello! My name is Tireanna Medlock and I am currently a senior at Brunswick High School. My plan is to further my education by attending either Georgia State University or Georgia Southern so I can become a pediatrician and assist children in need of medical attention. I chose this profession not only because I want to help children in my community, but I once had to have surgery as a child. When I was in the seventh grade, I had to get a tumor removed and I remember feeling scared because getting operated on was a new experience for me. I want to help children get through a procedure without feeling scared or alone. My surgeon, Dr. Hall, told me that she gets to meet different people and comfort her patients before they are about to be operated on along with different skills she has had to master in order to be in the medical field. She inspired me to pursue a career in the medical field as well as when I volunteered at the hospital and nursing home in a program at Golden Isles Career Academy. I also did clinical for my dual enrollment class at the nursing home to become a certified nursing assistant, and even though i passed the class, I will not be certified to work until I take the state test and clinical exam in a couple of weeks. I want to do something that I love, which is helping children and making them feel comfortable while they are getting diagnosed/treated, so I plan on building my way up.

Furthermore, being a pediatrician is something I believe would be a good fit for me because I am intelligent, reliable, and considerate of other people's feelings. An example of me being reliable is when my boss puts me on the schedule, I am always there and I will come in when she needs me even if I was not scheduled to work. I take not only my work seriously, but I also take my education serious. I currently hold a grade point average of a 3.45 and that will help me achieve my goals that I have set. I am motivated to do the every best that I can.

A place that taught me education was important was the Elizabeth F. Correll Teen Center. The Teen Center impacted my life tremendously because it helped me improve my social skills, taught me things that were important in life and provided me with a place to go after school that was positive. I don't know where I would be if the Teen Center was not built for us. When i first started, I thought I would never fit in until I got involved with classes and tournaments. Real-Life classes taught me things I needed to know in life such as manners, staying away from drugs and career options. I spend more time at the Teen Center than I do at my own house and that is why I got my friends to join. Anytime my parents ask where I want to go, I say the teen center.

Also, being a member of the Teen Center gave me a vision for America's youth such as being upcoming leaders, getting over past experiences/obstacles, and furthering education. Michael Jordan said, "Obstacles don't have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don't turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it." This quote inspires me because I grew up in a single parent home with just my mom and sister, and even though it hurt a child not to have their father in their life, I was lucky to have a great mother that made sure I had everything I needed. I look up to her with a great abundance. Eventually when I decided to forgive my dad and stop using him as an excuse to not move forward, I ended up going on the right track by setting standards and achieving my goals. Also, I want kids to further their education so they can have an opportunity to get a career they love and get rewarded for doing it. I believe this generation can have many entrepreneurs and that is why I want to see kids take on leadership roles to prepare themselves. Being a leader is about team-building and making sure everything is in order. I believe America's youth can be great role models for the next generation to come and I want to set an example.