Avery Stevens

What I think the Boys & Girls Club means to me is freedom. The Boys & Girls Club gives you many opportunities to make choices on your own. It gives you the chance to try different activities and a variety of different things you can do. The Boys & Girls Club lets the students bond with others and also bond with the staff that work there. The Boys & Girls Club also makes me think about how well run it is. The staff do their best to make sure the students are taken care of, makes sure they have eaten, and make sure that one kid is not left out. They try their best to make sure every kid is treated right and make sure that everyone is treated with respect. What the Boys & Girls Club means is positivity. The people who go to the Boys & Girls Club always motivate each other and try and give their all. Everyone gives their all into what they do and some of their closest friends try to do their best to motivate them with homework. All the students here give their all trying to help each other like one big family. When I go to the Boys & Girls Club I think of it like a safe haven where problems and prejudices get checked at the door. Everyone is accepted at the Club for who they are, not based on their race, gender or physical appearance. If you aren't normal, you can still come here and enjoy the many activities we offer at the Club. I really like my Boys & Girls Club and all of my friends do too. Everyone is welcome and no one is rejected. Everyone is treated fairly and thats why I enjoy coming. The Club is a great place for any youth to spend their time. I guess what they say is true, Great Futures do start here.