Terique Pinkney XXX

The Boys & Girls Club has changed my life and the lives of others that have attended here.

Before I came to the Club, I was really shy. For example, I used to sit in the back of the class and would never ready out loud or stand in front of the class to give presentations. The Club gave me the confidence to do those sort of things. Another reason the Club changed my life is that is made me more active. I loathed going outside. Before attending I usually wouldn't go outside for long periods of time. The Club encouraged me to play and do more physical games. This really helped me be more active and healthy. Even though it was a rough start, everything worked out fine.

In addition, the staff here at the Terrill Thomas Club are amazing. When I got here, the staff were very friendly, they helped us with our homework, let us play games, and also let us buy snacks and candy. Another reason why the staff here are so wonderful is that they talk to us and calm us down if we are having a bad day. So with this being said, I really do believe that the Boys & Girls Club has really changed my life.