Alex Brenes-Pimentel

Most people see the Boys & Girls Club as a childcare center, after school program, etc., but I see it as a learning center that has enhanced my learning capability and enriched my sportsmanship. You see, my journey began four years ago when my mother and I moved to Brunswick. She accepted a career changing opportunity. This meant the world to her, but i knew this meant we were moving thousands of miles away from our family and friends. I saw my mom's joy boost withins seconds with a simple phone call. It was bitter sweet. Moving day came in the blink of an eye, I was angry, I thought "Why me? Why this town?" I had no friends or family, it was just my mom and I and that awful smell- never knew a town could have such a scent.

On open house in 2014, we learned of the Boys & Girls Club. What a phenomenal life changing experience the Club has made in my life. I've been given a new family, and have added many friends along the way. I've shared a basketball championship; we've had many wins and losses. The losses sometimes brought us to tears, but it was overcome by the commitment, encouragement and support from our amazing club leaders. They have a way of feeding you with positive thoughts and energy. Anthony and Rusty are the most amazing staff members that I have ever met. Rusty is a true leader to look up to. Anthony has been by far the best coach I've had. He's truly a role model for all of us in the Club; if I had to describe him with one word, it would be selfless and Rusty's would be hard working.

So when you ask me what the Club means to me...I'd say FAMILY. It's a place that has influenced me to become the driven young man I am today but most importantly, The Boys & Girls Club is my home away from home. My future looks brighter! I've gained self-assurance, wisdom and sophistication in massive quantities. Without the Boys & Girls Club, I would not be as bright and goal oriented as I am today. My motivation is contagious; I wish to someday provide younger generations with the support, and kindness I received here.

I truly thank The Boys & Girls Club and my mom.