Sports, Fitness & Recreation

These initiatives help youth achieve and maintain healthy, active lifestyles

Triple Play

Triple Play is a dynamic wellness program that demonstrates how eating right, keeping fit and forming positive relationships add up to a healthy lifestyle.


The Mind component of Triple Play helps Club members develop a knowledge base to acquire healthy habits, such as making smart food choices, understanding appropriate portion sizes and creating fun and balanced meals.


The Body component of Triple Play encourages young people to be physically active through fun daily fitness, including games and activities to get them moving. Daily fitness challenges give youth of every age a chance to play longer and harder at a variety of games.


The Soul component of Triple Play provides social recreation programs and activities that strengthen interpersonal skills, foster good character and develop positive relationships and cooperation among young people. Club youth acquire a healthy self-concept and belief in their self-worth, and cope well with positive and adverse situations.

Program Development Triple Play was created by a team of experts at Boys & Girls Clubs of America, with advice and counsel from leading health, medical, nutrition and fitness experts. The program’s nutrition component was developed with the Department of Health & Human Services.


PLAY BALL is a new program that highlights the many ways baseball can be played outside of the traditionally organized baseball leagues and tournaments, ranging from playing catch, stickball and WIFFLE Ball games to participating in skills competitions like “Pitch, Hit & Run.” Boys & Girls Clubs of America is proud to have been the official charity of Major League Baseball (MLB) for more than 20 years. As we enter into the next phase of this partnership, we are offering grant opportunities to local Boys & Girls Clubs to enhance Major League Baseball’s PLAY BALL footprint within the Movement.


PGA Sports Academy teaches children ages 7 to 13 golf as a way to build character and develop Healthy Lifestyles. Golf is a fun, active game that gives young people stamina, focus and skill, exposing them to a lifelong leisure activity, and an opportunity for personal development. Instruction can take place in a gym, open space or outdoor area. Contests and games are used to reinforce skills learned in a fun, non-competitive manner. Golf equipment and instructional support from PGA professionals is provided to help youth build character, develop Healthy Lifestyles and learn the game. Opportunities available to Club members and their families include golf fun days at local Clubs, family days at local courses, invitations to clinics and tournaments, and development of league play.


ALL STARS is an organized league sport and fitness program for flag football, basketball and step and dance teams for youth ages 6-18. ALL STARS is funded by Buffalo Wild Wings and aims to increase opportunities for physical activity, social interaction and recognition through organized sports programming for youth. Since it was introduced in 2013, more than 167,000 Club members have participated in organized ALL STARS sports leagues. As with all of BGCA’s Sports, Fitness & Recreation programs, ALL STARS helps members have fun, get active and make healthy choices.


Sports Leagues - Boys & Girls Club of Southeast Georgia

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